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We’re super excited to announce that we’re in our second month of having a booth in the Kearsarge Business Center in Warner, NH. This is an indoor flea market where many vendors go during the cooler months here in New Hampshire.

We have a nice little booth with many signs available for sale every single weekend. The Kearsarge Business Center is open Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 3 pm.

As a small business owner and a family who feels strongly about supporting USA made products, we wanted to tell you a bit of the benefit of supporting small businesses so that you can be inspired to get out there this weekend to support our fellow small business owners who have products for sale in the Kearsarge Business Center, too!

What is an Indoor Flea Market?

An indoor flea market is an organized event where vendors can rent space to display their products for sale inside of a business or community building. Typically, the venue will be open on the weekends so shoppers can browse the booths and displays.

Indoor flea markets are the best way to support local small businesses! It is tough for small business owners to get their products in front of shoppers. It’s tough even when the small business owner has an online store, but just think about how much more difficult it must be to get the products in front of shoppers when they don’t!

So, what kind of products can you find at an indoor flea market? We’ve seen all kinds – housewares, furniture, clothing and accessories, home decor items ranging from candles to pillows, and everything in-between. There may even be some art or other handmade items available, too!

When you shop at a local indoor flea market, not only are you supporting a small business owner but if the indoor flea market is in your community you will be reaping the benefits of shopping there, too – maybe even more so than when shopping elsewhere.

A custom sign for a fellow business owner at the Kearsarge Business Center – they have old school video games and game consoles plus more!

Benefits of Supporting Small Business Owners

There are a lot of reasons that you should buy from small business owners rather than giant companies. When you support these local entrepreneurs, you’re supporting your community and empowering them to provide for their families.

You’re also going to get a product that was handmade, with love and care, by someone who cares about the quality of what they make. You’ll also get personalized service that might not be available if you shop at large companies.

A lot of these products are hand-made or hand-assembled, so you’ll get something that has unique artistry and craftsmanship.

You might also find a business owner who is an expert in his product – because he’s passionate about what he makes! Whether it be home goods, clothing, or jewelry, supporting small businesses helps the local economy grow and helps small communities thrive.

Helping to build a smaller, more personal economy is always going to be better for your community and better for the country!

So why not get out there this weekend to support our fellow small business owners who have products in the Kearsarge Business Center?

The Kearsarge Business Center is located at 139 Kearsarge Mountain Rd, Warner, NH 03278.

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