Tips for Decorating Your Log Cabin Home

Log cabins are a great choice of housing if you’re looking for something more rustic and natural. They’re also the perfect option if you want to go green: log cabin homes use about 20% less energy than other types of houses because they don’t require insulation or air conditioning.

Log cabins can be made from any type of wood, but most people choose logs cut from trees on their own property. This is partly due to cost, but there’s also an environmental benefit: logs provide shelter for animals and plants that live in the forest.

Some log cabin home owners have even been known to plant a tree near their new log home as a way of giving back to nature! Log cabins come in many different styles–some modern and minimal, others traditional and ornate. Whichever style you choose, making your log home beautiful comes down to choosing the right types of furniture and decorations.

Here, we offer some decorating tips that we hope will help you in your quest for a stunning cabin:

Match the Wood Type When Decorating Your Log Cabin Home

If you decide to use a particular type of wood for your exterior, match this when decorating. For instance, if you have pine logs on your cabin exterior, choose pine furniture and decorations inside the home.

Choosing different wood types makes your rustic log home feel disjointed and makes it hard to create a theme.

Choose a Color Scheme

Create a color scheme to get your decorating started. It’s often easier to pick out colors for each room if you have an idea of what color will work well with the existing logs, but you can choose just one color and use it throughout the house.

Darker colors tend to hide stains and small holes in logs, so if you want to use colors other than beige, brown, or white, choose dark colors.

Choose Furniture That’s Appropriate for Your Log Cabin Home

The furniture you choose will depend on the style of your cabin. The most important thing to remember is that larger pieces should be placed closer to the walls–this allows room for people to walk between tables and chairs.

For a contemporary look, choose modern furniture that’s sleek and will fit with your color scheme. Make sure you have lots of room to move around the table! For a more rustic log cabin style, choose handmade wooden furniture that has been crafted by artisan carpenters.

Use Decorations to Make Your Home Unique

The best log home decorations are the ones that also serve a purpose. For example, you can hang knives on rustic wood racks. This not only displays your knives in an attractive way, but it also makes them more accessible when you need them.

You can choose all sorts of unique accessories for your home:

  • Shepherd’s hooks and urns give your home a rugged yet rustic feel
  • Hammocks and rope furniture look beautiful in outdoor spaces
  • Wind chimes, bug catchers, and solar lights make your outdoors functional as well as attractive.

Your log cabin home doesn’t need to be boring! With the right decorations, you can make your cabin beautiful without sacrificing its rustic charm.

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