Top 11 Holiday Shopping Tips

We do love that many of our customers from local events are interested in ordering laser picture engraving and have gone to our site to get their custom laser engraved photo on wood, but today we wanted to share our top 11 holiday shopping tips!

These shopping tips will work whether you’re buying from our shop or any other retailer out there.

Shopping for your family can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to find something that everyone needs or will enjoy. That’s why we try to find unique ways to feature laser engraved signs that work for all types of people!

We try to make our signs something that at least one person can go “oh my gosh! that will be perfect for so and so!”

While we do love seeing the joy and laughter on your faces when you buy from us, today it’s all about holiday shopping ANYWHERE. The holiday shopping tips listed below will genuinely help you spend less this holiday season while purchasing meaningful gifts for your family.

These are our top 11 holiday shopping tips. Make sure to share them with all of the people in your life as well as leave a comment below letting us know how they worked out for you!

Think about what the person already has.

This is a great tip for younger children or even adults because it shows that you care enough to know them and their interests.

Find out what they want by asking questions.

If you have trouble understanding your loved one try asking an open ended question such as “what do you want to get for the holidays?” They can answer with something like “I want a new bicycle.” Then you know exactly what they need and it makes purchasing their gift much easier.

Buy tickets or passes.

If you find out that your loved one wants a trip somewhere, buy them the ticket. If they really want to go to the movies buy them a pass. This is perfect for teenagers who are still under your roof because if they want something they have to work hard for it!

Personalize their gift with some of their favorite things.

This is extremely important when buying gifts for younger children because the more personalization, the better! If your child loves dinosaurs add it to the gift. Let them make an ornament for their grandparents or buy them a picture frame with their favorite animal on it!

Keep records of the interests of your loved ones.

If you keep track of their interests it makes buying the perfect gift for them a whole lot easier. You can jot down notes on anything that they say they like, want, or need.

Do it last minute.

If you plan early enough for this tip then it’s a life saver during the holidays! If not, that’s okay! Another favorite among our online shoppers is to do your shopping at the very last minute. Almost all of our products take less than 3 days to ship so if you wait until the last minute it’s not a big deal!

Search online for their favorites.

If your loved one loves pins or stickers then search online for that specific product and buy it. If they love candy, buy some along with their present. The more specific the better!

Buy a gift card or a coupon for their favorite store.

This is a great way to give them what they want but you have the chance to pick it out yourself! Many of our customers have actually done this and chose to buy from us because we offer photo gifts that can be customized with their favorite photos.

Present it in a clever way.

This is especially important for younger children who don’t understand the concept of Christmas yet. If your child isn’t the best at sharing the idea of Santa, try to make their gift clever so they don’t suspect anything!

Get a Favorite Moment or Saying Laser Engraved on Wood

Last, but not least you can always get a laser picture engraving of a favorite moment from a photograph. Another fun holiday shopping gift tip is to put a favorite recipe on a sign or think of that silly saying your loved one always says.

Once you find that perfect “something” for your loved one, it won’t really matter how hard you looked or how much you spent, all that will matter is that you took the time to get something that makes them feel special!

If all else fails, you can purchase a silly holiday card or make one to gift to your family this year! We hope that you enjoyed this list of our top 11 holiday shopping tips and are able to find something budget-friendly and unique to gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

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